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Something of an introduction

Hey, y’all! Welcome to my brand-spankin’-new site! My plan is to use this fresh, clean blog to post my little stories, as I write them. I foolishly challenged myself–out loud, so that others could hear me and take up the nagging lances–to write one story per week, throughout 2018. I’ve not set a length requirement for myself, so even “flash fiction” and “micro” stories will count! 😀 I’m shooting for Friday updates, but if I am feeling cocky, I might update earlier than Friday, on some weeks.

Anyway, I plan on adding a few old stories up front, just to kind of get the ball rolling and start off with something more on the blog than this intro post. I hope you all enjoy the stories. Feel free to comment, nitpick, criticize, or shower me with glowing praises, as you wish. But most of all, wish me luck, so that I might finish this ungodly challenge I have set for myself!