Micro Story/TalesOnTweet

My Micro Stories from TalesOnTweet

These micro stories were first posted on Twitter, under the hashtag #TalesOnTweet. All were stories told in 140 characters or fewer; the last two are “six-word stories.” Micro-micro stories!

Micro Stories

  • Cast in a comedy show with a mime. Again. How can the same skit happen to the same guy twice? Mime Hard 2
  • Their gaze met, lingered, parted; a secret acknowledged and renewed.
  • He sang his troubles in the bath, so that they might be drained away with the suds. They never were.
  • His guitar struck her with despair; the notes he played were the sounds of a breaking heart, and she was the one breaking it.
  • She found him asleep underneath the apple tree. She knelt to wake him, but froze, when she saw a spider creep out of his nose.
  • He clung to the edge, terrified. It was a long way to fall. Finally, he could hold on no longer. He let go, and then he flew.
  • One potato, two potato, three potato, four! Five potato arsenic’d and Freddie is no more.
  • Yesterday, she had nine cats, but never any friend. Today, she’s nowhere to be found, but the cats now number ten.
  • She hungered for a kiss, just one kiss, from one who loved her. They found her today. Empty. Starved. Alone.
  • The ghost stood at my window, rapping, cloaked in red mist, but I would not raise the sash to let him in. He moaned and left.
  • The dolphin loved the humans so much, that he decided to become their island, to be near them forever.
  • Six-word Stories

  • Fish leapt. Heron swooped. Hunger sated.
  • Quest followed. Boss defeated. Game over.